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Magnolia Psychiatry and Mental Wellness provides services in an outpatient setting. Private practice allows the provider time to get to know the needs of individual patients and provide services in a comfortable environment. Services are provided in the office or by Telehealth and the services are patient-centered to each unique person's needs. We believe everyone deserves to be happy and live their best life. 

Meet the Providers

 Jackie Wenzel, MSN, PMHNP-BC

I am excited to bring Magnolia Psychiatry and Mental Wellness, to the same location as Fuquay Family Counseling. A psychiatric mental health Nurse Practitioner, licensed and nationally board-certified, to provide psychiatric care for patients including diagnosis, medication management, psychotherapy, and education. A graduate of Duke University, with a Master of Science in Nursing. I have over 20 years of experience working with pediatrics, maternal-child health, adolescents, the adult population, and the special populations within Oncology and Veterans Health. Life is all about balance and I am looking forward to walking this journey alongside others.

Jennifer Hoffman, MSN, PMHNP-BC


Jennifer Hoffman is a licensed and board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who provides psychiatric care including assessment, diagnoses, medication management, and therapeutic treatment for pediatric and adult populations. She is a graduate of Duke University with a Master of Science in Nursing, with 13 years’ experience in health care including but not limited to pediatric inpatient psychiatry, perinatal care, and adolescent partial hospitalization. Jennifer believes in patient
and family centered health care, collaboration, and integrative care. EveningTelehealth Vists Available!

Jalecia Beatty, Psychotherapist


Collaborating physician

Lisardo Augustin, MD

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